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  • Printers (mono and colour)
  • Photocopiers (mono and colour)
  • Fax Machines
  • Laser and Ink Jet products
  • Shredders - Cross Cut, Straight Cut, Continuous Feed

Photocopier Repairs (Copy Repairs).

We supply photocopiers and offer photocopier repairs for all the major photocoper manufacturers including Zerox, Canon, Olivetti, Koyocera, Utax and Mita.

Our reliable and efficient office equipment servicing technicians have received training direct from the manufacturers and coupled with their experience can fix almost any issue you may have with your photocopier.

Don't forget, if your machine turns out to be 'beyond repair or if you are simply looking for an upgrade, we can often supply you with a new or 'nearly-new' photocopier at a competitive price and can arrange a maintenance contract with our highly experienced team to ensure your equipment continues to run and run.

Office Equipment Serciving Ltd specialise is printer repairs, printer parts, office equipmetn repair, copy repair, shredder repair, photocopier repair, canon fax repair, fax repair, fax machine repairs. Our office equipment services include repair and the supply photocopiers, fax machines, printers and shredders from all the major manufacturers including Canon, HP, zerox, Olivetti, Kyocera, Utax and Mita.